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ElectroBall Screen Shots

Screen shots can't really do justice to a fast-animating game like ElectroBall, but here's a taste of what's in store for you...

The basics are simple. Use the blue paddle at the bottom of the screen to propel the negatively charged green ball past your opponent's red paddle to score points. Because the paddles' charge is also negative, they repel the ball, even at a distance. The closer the ball is to a paddle, the stronger the force is.

Collect items to help you, like this 3-point bonus goodie!

Satisfy the particular victory requirements of each individual level — a tug-of-war, for example — to progress to the next one.

But it's not always quite that simple. Up to five (or sometimes more) balls at once will keep even the quickest player on their toes.

And Electroball offers seven different arenas, each with its own physics properties, from the icy surface of a hockey rink with three blocading pillars... the high friction of underwater play with a writhing snake of moving barriers...

...into the vacuum of space and beyond!

With over seventy levels and a variety of goodies, arenas, and victory conditions, you'll find our diverse challenges keep you engaged for hours (if not weeks).

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