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This exciting game of high-speed reflexes and strategic thinking takes you from inexperienced newbie to intergalactic superstar sports hero in the hip game of the 22nd century, ElectroBall!

A combination of physics, pong, and air hockey on steroids, ElectroBall uses the power of electromagnetic forces to propel the electrically charged ball between the two player's electrically charged paddles. Because electric forces act “at a distance”, you can change the direction of the ball without even touching it — how cool is that?

But ElectroBall isn't just a game of high-speed reflexes. Its multiple levels present a variety of challenges that will require you to figure out the best way to defeat each level, using your brains and a finger.

But things don't stop there! With seven different arenas, multiple “goodies” to collect and utilize, and over 70 levels of action, ElectroBall is sure to provide hours and hours of entertainment.

Warning: ElectroBall is very difficult to finish. Although it starts out easy, the levels in eBall get progressively harder. The final levels take very fast hand-eye coordination and the ability to adapt to new situations. Do you have what it takes? Not everybody can be like “Mike”. 'Nough said.

So do you have what it takes to be the sports megastar of the next century? Find out by trying the game of the future, today — eBall!

Note: No electrons were harmed in the making of this game.

Requirements: iPhone/iPod with OS version 2.2.1 or greater

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