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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some suggestions on solving problems with the ElectroBall iPhone/iPod Touch application.

Q: I can't get ElectroBall to install — what do I do?

A: Assuming that other applications will install correctly (you can test a free application to make sure), then you probably have encountered the “application installation” problem. This can almost always be resolved by deleting the application from the device (if it has an icon) and trying the installation again after rebooting the iPhone or iPod touch device. A detailed description of how to do this can be found in our General FAQ List.

Note: to date, we have not had reports of this problem occuring with Neonatura software. We suspect, however, that the problem occurs with all large applications — and eBall certainly qualifies.

Q: After installation, I ran ElectroBall for the first time, and it crashed — now what?

A: It is generally recommended to reboot your iPhone/iPod Touch after application installation and before running an application for the first time. If the first run of the application crashes, however, the application may become corrupted and will not work correctly until it is deleted and reinstalled. Following the procedures in the General FAQ List will give you the best chances for success.

Q: What's the best way to install ElectroBall to avoid problems?

A: We don't expect ElectroBall to have installation problems, because we've tried to code defensively in the application installation area. So there's probably no need to do anything special for installation. However, for the maximally paranoid (or those that have been burned before), the procedure in the General FAQ List can be used to maximize the chances of a successful installation.

Q: I'm stuck on level XXX— it's impossible!

A: None of the levels in eBall are impossible, but they are designed to be very challenging in some cases. Try our Hints page for some ideas that might help.

Q: How do I play my own music library while running ElectroBall?

A: Neonatura games use a “system music takes priority” approach to playing your own tunes. If music is playing when the game starts, then it will take precedence, and all game music will not play. To start in-game music, simply stop the iPod music player by doing the following:

  • Press the “stop” button at the bottom of your device twice in quick succession (like a double click) —if you're not fast enough, eBall will terminate.
  • Press the “pause” button to halt the iPod music player.
  • Press “close” to return to ElectroBall.

On older operating systems (2.2.1), you can restart the system music by using the same procedure; like always, eBall will respect your choices. For some reason we don't understand, this feature has been removed from the lastest OS (3.1.2).

If no music is playing at program launch, then the built-in sound tracks are used. If you would like to have complete silence, simply turn down the music volume to zero in the Options menu.

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