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Launch — It's a Game!

1/5/10 — Neonatura Games is proud to announce the availability of its first iPhone/iPod Touch application, ElectroBall, after over a year in development. This exciting game of high-speed reflexes and strategic thinking takes you from inexperienced newbie to intergalactic superstar sports hero in the hip game of the 22nd century, ElectroBall!

A combination of physics, pong, and air hockey on steroids, ElectroBall uses the power of electromagnetic forces to propel the electrically charged ball between the two player's electrically charged paddles. Because electric forces act “at a distance”, you can change the direction of the ball without even touching it, producing a game dynamic that's fresh, new, and totally awesome!

Learn the secrets of eBall from your personal trainer, a mysterious shadowy figure known only as “Doc”, who provides hints, tips, and humor as you work your way through over 70 levels of action in your quest to win the World Championships. Visit multiple arenas, from simple grass fields or ice hockey arenas, to underwater play or into the vacuum of space, each with its own physics characteristics. Juggle up to five (or more) balls at one time to satisfy unique victory conditions for each level. Capture a variety of “goodies” that can help (or hurt) your chances. Simple to learn and yet difficult to master, ElectroBall always has a new surprise around every corner.

ElectroBall is available now at the iTunes AppStore, and comes in two versions:

To learn more about ElectroBall or Neonatura, you can visit the Neonatura web site. Or better yet, download a copy of ElectroBall Free on your favorite iDevice, and see what the excitement's all about!

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