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The Neonatura Name

The name Neonatura is rather abused Latin: neo + natura, intended to be roughly translated as “new nature”. Anybody out there who took Latin in high school will no doubt inform us that neo is actually a Greek prefix. Ah well...

Our corporate moniker expresses the belief that the designs of man can transcend the order of the natural world. Great architecture is universally recognized as a form of art; we believe that mathematics, engineering, and software design also have their own natural elegance — and can, at times, create designs with the same inherent beauty as those of nature. We try to bring this aesthetic to everything we do here at Neonatura.

Ironically, we're not the only ones who thought this was a cool name. Apparently Yves Rocher has a line of “Neonatura” perfumes and fragrances. That's definitely not our area.

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Home-About Us > Our Name